I presented two sessions at the 2017 NC Tech4Good conference: a burnout prevention session and a talk on effective online communication.

The workshop: Put Your Own Air Mask On First: 16 Ways to Prevent BurnoutI love sharing this workshop because it’s relevant for everyone! Learn 16 research-based techniques that are fast, (mostly) free, and portable. The content is based on positive psychology — a passion of mine — and the slides give you a sense of those practices.

The Ignite TalkDon’t Feed the Trolls: Responding to Offensive Online Comments. Ignite Talks are just 5 minutes long and include just 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation. I include the LARA Process developed by the National Conference for Community and Justice: Listen. Affirm. Respond. Add. When engaging with online (or offline) trolls, remember: affirmation doesn’t mean agreement.

If you download either set of slides please attribute them to me. The images I use are free to reuse, licensed under Creative Commons. While the content is based on research, the design and synthesis are my own. Thanks!

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Don’t Feed the Trolls: Ignite Talk NCT4G 6 2017

Burnout Prevention: ChangeAbility Solutions Slides NCT4G 6 2017