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Meeting Types

Meeting Types Matter Be sure to identify the type of meeting you need before you schedule, pick the process, create the agenda, or invite people to attend. This sounds simply and straight forward, but think about how many times a meeting is called and scheduled before...
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Free Downloads! NC Tech4Good Conference

I presented two sessions at the 2017 NC Tech4Good conference: a burnout prevention session and a talk on effective online communication. The workshop: Put Your Own Air Mask On First: 16 Ways to Prevent Burnout. I love sharing this workshop because it's relevant for...
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When Not to Meet

11 Reasons Not to Meet Why would a meeting facilitator like me encourage clients NOT to meet? I want your time to be well-spent. I want you to get your best work done. When you meet I want your meetings to help you do that. Calling a meeting is a default behavior, and...
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I founded ChangeAbility Solutions to help people like you create positive change for yourself, your organization, and our world.

Want to strengthen your leadership? Need help achieving goals? Trying to change a habit? I offer executive and life coaching and coach established, emerging, and aspiring leaders.

Initiating a new project? Setting strategy? Planning a program? I facilitate retreats and planning sessions to help you succeed.

Watching the news? Not sure how to make a difference? I offer practical tips, coaching, and training on being an ally, effective communication, burnout prevention, and managing conflict.

Organizing an event? Need an inspiring speaker? I deliver talks that motivate change makers and rejuvenate engaged community members.

I’ll partner with you to create practical solutions for challenges big and small.

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Change is inevitable. But suffering? Optional.